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Kickstart your journeys with confidence knowing your passengers and vehicle are protected! At Aapka Policywala, we understand the importance of safeguarding every trip. Our passenger carrying vehicle insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs, ensuring peace of mind for every adventure.

Understanding Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance

Also known as commercial passenger vehicle insurance, passenger-carrying vehicle insurance is a specialized type of coverage that is crafted to safeguard vehicles engaged in transporting passengers. This includes buses, mini buses, taxis, and other public transport vehicles.
Passenger carrying vehicle insurance policy has a wide coverage. It shields passengers, drivers, and vehicle proprietors against financial setbacks in the event of accidents, injuries, or damages, encompassing various vital components and ensuring comprehensive protection.
Put simply, the passenger-carrying vehicle insurance that you will buy using our platform will stand as a crucial asset for public transport operators and owners. Not only will it ensure the safety of your passengers but will facilitate compliance with legal obligations while shielding you against potential financial burdens and legal entanglements arising from unforeseen incidents on the road.

Who Should Purchase Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance ?

Online insurance for passenger carrying vehicles is accessible to various entities
and individuals involved in passenger transportation. Here’s a breakdown of
potential buyers:

  1. Commercial Vehicle Owners: Owners of commercial vehicles engaged in
    passenger transport including buses, mini buses, taxis, and vans can secure
    this type of insurance. This coverage will shield against damages to the
    vehicle and third-party liabilities stemming from accidents.
  2. Transport Companies: Companies managing fleets of passenger-carrying
    vehicles can also opt for insurance to cover all their vehicles under a unified
    policy. This approach assures all-inclusive coverage and streamlines
    insurance management.
  3. Public Transport Operators:Public transport entities, be it state-owned
    and private bus services can procure insurance to safeguard both
    passengers and vehicles.
  4. Individual Vehicle Owners: Individuals owning passenger-carrying vehicles
    be it for personal or business purposes (school buses or cabs, for instance)
    can also purchase passenger carrying insurance from Aapka Policywala. It
    serves to protect their interests and comply with legal mandates after all!
  5. Fleet Owners: Entities or individuals owning multiple passenger-carrying
    vehicles such as tour operators, travel agencies, and schools can insure
    their entire fleet. Ensure smooth operations and prioritize passenger

    Being the leading online insurance company in India, we believe that every auto, taxi, bus, and van should buy a passenger-carrying vehicle policy. That’s the easiest way to stay safe and avoid financial loss while driving on Indian roads.

Benefits of Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance

For owners of passenger-carrying vehicles like vans, cars, and buses, purchasing
or renewing insurance through Aapka Policywala will present a multitude of
advantages crucial for business’s seamless operation and the safety of valued
passengers. Here’s why obtain this type of insurance policy if you own passenger
carrying vehicles:

  1. Legal Compliance: Operating within the legal framework is paramount for
    any business. With insurance from Aapka Policywala, you stay compliant
    with jurisdictional regulations. You will be able to steer clear of legal
    entanglements, penalties, and operational disruptions.
  2. Financial Protection: Safeguard your business against the unpredictable.
    Our insurance coverage acts as a safety net. It will shield you from the
    financial repercussions of unforeseen events like accidents, theft, or
    vandalism. Be it repairs or replacements, we help alleviate the financial
    strain, ensuring your business remains financially resilient.
  3. Third-Party Liability Coverage:Accidents happen but our insurance has you
    covered! With third-party liability coverage included in our cheap insurance
    policies, you’re shielded from potential legal liabilities arising from
    accidents involving passengers, pedestrians, or other vehicles. We provide
    compensation to affected parties, safeguarding your business’s reputation
    and financial stability.
  4. Personal Accident Cover: Your passengers and drivers are the heart of your
    business. With Aapka Policywala’s passenger-carrying vehicle insurance,
    they will receive the care and support they deserve. In the unfortunate
    event of accidents resulting in injury or disability, our personal accident
    cover extends financial assistance.
  5. Property Damage Coverage: A Accidents can extend beyond vehicles. With
    our comprehensive insurance, you’re protected against damage to third
    party property. Rest easy knowing that the costs of repairing or replacing
    damaged property are covered. Focus on what matters most, which is
    running your business smoothly and safely.

How Important are Passenger Carrying Vehicles in India?

Absolutely! In India, passenger carrying vehicles are of utmost importance as they provide vital public transportation services to the vast population. They serve as a crucial part of the nation’s transportation network, addressing the mobility needs of millions daily. Encompassing buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and other modes of public transit, they are essential components of India’s urban infrastructure.
As urbanization is accelerating and the population increasing, the demand for efficient, reliable public transportation is also escalating. Passenger carrying vehicles alleviate the strain on individual cars, mitigate traffic congestion, and champion environmentally friendly travel options.

Additionally, they facilitate accessibility across the nation. How, you ask? Well, by
bridging remote areas with urban centers and fostering economic growth. To
ensure passenger safety and seamless transportation services nationwide, the
government advocates for stringent regulation and licensing of these vehicles.

Aapka Policywala has simplified the process of insurance buying and renewal. Other than passenger vehicle insurance, thousands of Indians also use our portal for car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, and commercial vehicle insurance in India.

Features and Advantages of Passenger Vehicle Insurance

Third-Party Liability Cover– Legal compliance with Motor Vehicles Act<br>- Protection against third-party claims
Own Damage Cover– Coverage for vehicle damage due to accidents, theft, fire, etc.
Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver– Financial assistance in case of disability or death of the owner-driver
Passenger Cover– Protection for passengers in case of injuries or medical expenses
No Claim Bonus (NCB)– Discounts on premium for claim-free years
Add-On Covers– Enhanced protection with additional coverage options
Legal Compliance– Complying with mandatory insurance requirements for passenger carrying vehicles
Peace of Mind– Financial security and peace of mind for vehicle owners
Customization– Flexibility to tailor insurance coverage according to specific needs and preferences

Why Us for Buying Passenger Vehicle Insurance Online?

Discover the ultimate convenience of securing passenger carrying vehicle insurance online with Aapka Policywala! Our platform offers a seamless experience while bringing together a plethora of insurance options from top providers. With just a few clicks, you can compare prices, renew policies, and find the perfect coverage for your passenger vehicle needs.
Here are some reasons to choose us for buying passenger carrying vehicle insurance:
Variety of Options:

Access a diverse range of insurance policies from multiple providers. Find the perfect match for your passenger vehicle.

Convenient Comparison:

Easily compare prices, coverage, and features. Our website will empower you to make informed decisions tailored to your requirements.

Effortless Renewals:

Seamlessly renew your insurance policies online. Eliminate hassle and ensure uninterrupted coverage for your passenger vehicle with Aapka Policywala!

Transparent Process:

Enjoy clarity and transparency throughout the purchasing journey with no hidden fees or surprises.

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from expert advice and assistance from our team. Drive your way through the insurance landscape with confidence and ease.

Cheapest Policies:

Yes, our passenger carrying policies for cars, buses, vans, and auto rickshaws are the cheapest out there!

What Does Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance Exclude?

Although passenger-carrying vehicle insurance policies listed on Aapka Policy Wala indeed offer extensive coverage against various risks, certain exclusions exist within them. These exclusions may vary depending on the insurance provider and specific policy terms.

Here are common exclusions typically found in online passenger carrying vehicle insurance:
  1. General Wear and Tear: Damages resulting from the natural wear and tear of the vehicle over time are not covered.
  2. Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown: Damages arising from mechanical or electrical breakdowns of the vehicle are excluded from coverage.
  3. Intentional Acts: Damages caused by intentional acts or deliberate negligence of driver or owner are not covered.
  4. Driving Under the Influence: Any damages or accidents occurring while the driver is under alcohol or drug influence are not covered.
  5. Unauthorized Use: If the vehicle is operated by an unauthorised driver or used for illegal purposes, insurance coverage may be void.
  6. Consequential Loss: Losses or damages indirectly caused by the initial covered event may be excluded from coverage.
  7. Racing or Adventure Sports: Accidents that occur during racing, stunts, or adventure sports activities are typically not covered.
  8. War and Terrorism: Damages caused due to war, terrorism, or nuclear events will be expunged from the policy.

How to File a Claim for Passenger Carrying Vehicle Insurance?

Aapka Policywala understands that filing a claim can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process to ensure a seamless and efficient settlement. Here’s a step-by-step guide tailored for our valued customers:
  1. Notify Aapka Policywala: As soon as the incident occurs, reach out to us through our dedicated helpline or email. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.
  2. Provide Essential Details: During the notification, provide crucial information like your policy number, date and time of the incident, location, description of the event, and the extent of damages or injuries.
  3. File an FIR: In cases involving theft, burglary, or criminal activities, file a First Information Report (FIR) at the nearest police station and obtain a copy for documentation.
  4. Document the Scene:Capture the accident site, damages, injuries, and any relevant evidence through photographs if possible. This documentation serves as vital support for your claim.
  5. Seek Medical Attension:Prioritize the well-being of passengers or third parties by seeking immediate medical assistance if injuries are involved. Include all medical records and bills to make the claim process snappy.
  6. Inform the RTO: For significant accidents or damages, notify the Regional Transport Office (RTO) about the incident. Especially if there are fatalities or substantial property damage.
  7. Complete the Claim Form: Obtain and fill out the claim form available on our website. Make sure all information provided is accurate and detailed to expedite the claim settlement process.
  8. Submit Necessary Documents: Attach all required documents including the claim form, FIR copy, policy document, driver’s licence, vehicle registration, and any other relevant paperwork.
  9. Await Inspection: Aapka Policywala may perform a survey or assessment of the vehicle. This will help us evaluate damages and ascertain the claim. During the process, our team will coordinate with you seamlessly.
  10. Cooperate with Investigation: Cooperate with any investigation conducted by our team or insurance firm. Your cooperation expedites the claim resolution process.
  11. Stay Updated: Keep track of your claim’s progress through our website or by contacting our customer support team. We’re intent on keeping you apprised every step of the way!

Documents Needed To File a Insurance Claim

When initiating a claim for your passenger carrying vehicle, making certain that you have the necessary documentation is pivotal. While specific requirements may vary depending on your insurer and the nature of the claim, here’s a comprehensive list of documents you may need to furnish:
  1. Claim Form: Complete the claim form provided by your insurer. Write down the accurate and detailed information regarding the incident.
  2. Policy Document: Provide a copy of your valid passenger carrying vehicle insurance policy to verify online coverage.
  3. FIR Copy: Does the incident involve theft, burglary, or criminal activity? No problem. Include a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) filed at the police station.
  4. Driving License: Submit the valid driving licence of the driver involved in the accident as proof of authorization.
  5. Vehicle Registration Certificate: Furnish a copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate as evidence of ownership.
  6. Insurance Certificate: Include the insurance certificate of the vehicle containing essential coverage details.
  7. Photos and Videos: Capture images or videos depicting the accident scene, vehicle damages, and any injuries sustained for visual documentation.
  8. Repair Estimates: Obtain repair estimates from authorized workshops or garages detailing the extent of vehicle damages.
  9. Medical Records: If there are injuries to passengers or third parties, retain all pertinent medical records, prescriptions, and bills to support medical claims.
  10. Accident Report: Provide the accident report prepared by the police or relevant authorities. Outline all circumstances of the incident.
  11. Witness Statements: If available, gather witness statements to corroborate the events leading to the incident.
  12. Letter of Subrogation: In cases involving third-party claims, you may be required to submit a letter of subrogation. This will grant you the right to pursue recovery from the responsible party!

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